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Page Builder for Magento Open Source?

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Page Builder for Magento Open Source?



I suppose this is more of a question than a request.

I understand that the Magento Page Builder is currently only released for Magento Commerce, it is not currently available for Magento Open Source.

Are there any plans to make this available for Open Source? I've been looking at 3rd party extensions that are available, but don't want to invest too much time and energy into investigating which one is best IF magento plan to make the official page builder available in the future....


Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Robert Rand
M2 Certified

The management team at Magento has signalled that they'd like to bring Pagebuilder to open source users. That could be through some sort of paid license or extension fee, but nothing has been announced, so this may or may not happen. With no timeline, it may not be worth waiting. 


Aside from the "pagebuilder" extensions you may find, some merchants are also tying together Magento with a more friendly CMS, like WordPress. Fishpig is a popular integration for accomplishing this: . This is not exactly the same as having Pagebuilder, but it is an option for Open Source users to add more CMS functionality in the meantime (including by integrating additional WordPress plugins). To quote the Fishpig team "Combine this with Root , Post Types  and Shortcodes & Widgets  and you can truly replace the Magento CMS with WordPress."