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Page builder text editor element to support html editing

Page builder text editor element to support html editing

 Requesting a change to Page Builder text editor element to include the html view button in the TinyMCE toolbar.


In Magento 2.3.3 when I insert the text editor element into a page or block I'm working I only have standard formatting controls (bold, itallic, style, paragraph and etc.


If I need to do any kind of additional editing of content to add div tags to style content via CSS, add Google event tags or adding any html code not availbe in the toolbar I can't. There is no way for me to edit the content's source code.


There is an html element that can be dragged in however you can't flip back and forth from code to WYSIWYG mode to review your changes. This makes it difficult creating content because you're either making only allowed basic formatting or you have to do everything in pure html. No the most user friendly experience for site users. In Magento 1.14.x TinyMCE had a view source button that would allow us to toggle back and forth for ease of editing. I'd like to see this feature restored to core functionality.


I did see a git commit for this exact feature here:


I think its critical that content marketers have this feature to allow them to quickly create blog posts, product pages and blocks with ease of use in mind. Coding via pure html is time consuming for non developers. Please consider this feature to implement in the near future.

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That will be very handy feature! Thanks.


Weird this is not a feature. Seems pretty standard

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i struggled with this missing function too.

i developed a small extension for this on year ago, which you can simple install in your system by running 


composer require webidea24/magento2-module-page-builder-wysiwyg-html-editor

It will install the module from here: