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Remove dependency of Customer module on Review module

Remove dependency of Customer module on Review module




Run "bin/mage module:disable Magento_Review" in a standard Magento installation Actual Result:

The module can't be disabled because Magento_Customer depends on it.

Expected Result:

The module Magento_Review is disabled.

Is it really necessary that the Customer module depends on the Review module? It's the only reason why I can't disable the Review module and a quick search for "Magento\Review" in the Customer module's codebase reveals that only a single file references a class in Review: \Magento\Customer\Block\Adminhtml\Edit\Tab\Reviews. I'm sure this can be refactored to remove the dependency, right?


I fully agree - did you find a solution to stop the display of the review section on the frontend midnightDesign ?




New Contributor

Unfortunatelly, disabling of reviews is not so simple. This dependency doesn't allow simply to disable Magento_Review module. In the meantime, we created extension for disabling reviews. It leaves Magento_Review module enabled and just removes required stuff.

Super Contributor

You can disable the module output by changing its status in the Advanced-Settings.

Shops > Configuration > Advanced > Advanced and search for "Magento_Review".


flush the cache afterwards.



Adobe Team

There is an internal ticket for this issue (MAGETWO-71228).

As a work-around the module output can be disabled (via UI up to 2.2.0, or via config file afterwards). 

New Member

Unfortunatelly, debilitating of surveys isn't so straightforward. This reliance doesn't permit essentially to impair Magento_Review module. Meanwhile, we made augmentation for impairing surveys. It leaves Magento_Review module empowered and simply eliminates required stuff.