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Set Configurable Product Default Configuration

Set Configurable Product Default Configuration

Feature request from chasteIT, posted on GitHub Sep 03, 2015

In Magento2, can we please get the ability to set default configurations of Configurable Products?

@tzyganu's Easylife Switcher that sets default configurations, keeps the selected options when other above them change. It also changes the product image or media block when options are changed -- among other cool stuff.

Also, Inchoo did a tutorial on autoselecting configurable product options, and Iceberg Commerce provided a Javascript method.

Lastly, pre-selecting default simple products would affect the Simple Configurable Products #335 undertaking.

Edit: This could be used in conjunction with layered navigation. See issue: Layered Navigation Filters Pre-Select Configurable Product Options #1784

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Comment from arvind07, posted on GitHub May 25, 2016

Hi, any update on this? Has this feature been implemented?

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previously magento 1.9 you could select default values from with link like this
configurable.js script at configurable item page set default values.

How does this work nowdays in Magento 2.1?


I want to link to individual simple product and show automaticaly the configurable product with correct default selections.