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System-wide Monolog Configuration

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System-wide Monolog Configuration


We're running Magento Commerce 2.3 in Docker containers and are looking at centralising logging using Docker's logging framework. For this to work, all logging from applications inside the container needs to be sent to stdout/stderr to be collected by Docker's log service, instead of the standard files under `var/log` and `var/reports`.


The Monolog logging framework used by Magento can log in the way required using it's `streamhandler` output, configured to send to `php://stderr`. As Magento does not appear to expose Monolog's configuration for the default loggers, we've tried to re-assign all handlers via DI to the streamhandler as described above, but have had very little luck.

Could you please advise if there's a way to configure the default loggers, either via config or code, to send output to stdout/stderr, or accept a feature request to provide this level of configuration?