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UI Components are painful

UI Components are painful

Feature request from Vinai, posted on GitHub Jul 30, 2016

Whenever I try to use a custom or core UI component the experience is frustrating, time consuming and painful.
It would be great to see the components either made simpler (to use and understand how they work) or to be replaced with something simpler altogether :tada:.
There is so much JS "magic" and conventions and poor documentation I find the developer experience severely lacking. Much of the XML is bonkers to read and write. So much of it seems to be "just do X and it will work" without information on WHY and HOW to debug if something does not work.
The combination of a ton of PHP, XML and JS makes for a very tricky debugging process. It is very hard to properly write tests in small steps. Much of it is "add ALL the required code or NOTHING will work". Seemingly simply things become bloated tasks.


This applies to any version of Magento 2 from beta up to the latest version on github.

Steps to reproduce

Try to use UI components, either custom ones or core ones, without using extensive copy&paste and actively avoiding the urge to even think the question "Why?".

Expected result

The system should be simple to use AND understand.

Actual result

Hours wasted slogging through code and documentation, trying to understand WTF I got wrong and I find myself questioning some of my life choices.

Established Member

Bump received, and hope is alive... Devdocs needs to do better at sharing it.


Here's status, and a dose of hope:


Yesterday we published the "Intended Outline" for the new UI Components Guide:


Please, all, review the outline and send feedback on proposed topics, organization, etc. by whatever medium the community chooses. PRs are our preferred media. ;-)


Additonally, the still-to-be-completed topics are being translated into internal tickets, to be prioritized and worked by Engineering/DevDocs.


Finally, please know that many conversations, both internal and external, are occurring, and we are defining the fastest path forward. Possible options include:


1. Prioritization of the internal work within regular dev workload, with hopefully some PRs from community to acellerate the work

2. Another internal Doc Sprint, with hopefully some PRs from community 

3. A scheduled 'community + core devs' Doc Sprint, with participation from both community devs and core devs. If this option is approved, I promise to provide [quality] beer.


Magento Master

Thanks for the update @tanamarieberry! I'll check out the outline and provide feedback.



Magento Master

@tanamarieberry the page you linked to ( shows "Updated: 30 September 2016 (PDT)". Is that the right one? I was expecting it to show the 13. October? 

Just asking in case somehow the update wasn't published after all, and I would rather review the most current version.



Established Member

HI @Vinai the Sept date is wrong (our "last updated timestamp" automation is not working)... I posted the outline on Oct 13th, so this is the latest version. We are working on a redesign of the page that will have a separate section to highlight newly added topics; hopefully this will be a better process.


Please do let me know your thoughts on the #3 opition above, of a "community + core developers Doc Sprint." Would there be enthusiasm for such an event? Community, what do you say?