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Update Country List

Update Country List

In Magento the country of Netherlands Antilles is available, when this doesn't exist anymore It should be split up into Aruba (which is already there), Curacao (which is not there), Sint Maarten - note this is different to Saint Martin (which is not there). There are also 3 Municipalities (Bonaire, Sint Eustasius and Saba) which form the Caribbean Netherlands - ISO code BQ. This would also need to be added.

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If someone picks this up, then I also notice that Kosovo and Canary Islands are also missing.



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Interested in this.

I looked into it and Magento uses the ZendFramework1 library that is currently using version 24 of the CLDR (Common Locale Data Repository) which currently is already at version 35.
Last time it was updated here: but currently the repository is continued here:

It seems we need to update the Locale data and fix the entries in the directory_country* tables.