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Use mobile phone as an alternative of email in customers

Use mobile phone as an alternative of email in customers

Hi, I am thinking in add the feature to use telephone number instead of email on Magento 2.

Mobile phones are everywhere and and in some countries people are using more their numbers to associate in some services instead of an email address.


My idea is offer both type of authentication on Magento 2 (email or sms) and also send the transactional emails using SMS messages to these customers. The admin user can customize the sms templates like it happens on transactional emails.


To send the messages we can offer a ready integration with a 3rd party service like Twilio or MessageMedia.


I was working on that in a custom extension, it's working good but my idea is incorporate that on Magento core.



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@IgorLudgero : You have to create a new feature in your Existing Magento store which will allow the user to login with their mobile number as well as the email address or you have to use some of the readymade extensions. You can find preferred extensions from below link. 
Customer login with Mobile Number

This extension covers the issue to solve if any user does not have email id or remember it. As an alternative to this, we have used mobile number for registration, login and forgot the password. It also validates user mobile number with the help of OTP SMS.

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Your idea is really good, but there are now lot of extensions available for mobile login including ours.

Rohit Kashyap
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My question is, are you looking for the mobile number login for the sign-in process or for the 2-step verification purposes?

You can view the below extensions by Webkul:

Both of the extensions are made to ease out the customer shopping experience and also make it more secure with the mobile number authentication.



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Please check out Magento OTP Verification over SMS and Email extension from miniOrange. This extension verifies users' Email Addresses/Mobile Numbers by sending a verification code (OTP) during registration.

Features provided in the extension:-

One Time Passwords (OTP) from miniOrange Gateway or your Custom SMS/SMTP Gateway
Custom SMS & Email Messages
Custom OTP Length
Custom OTP Validity Time
And much more!


Please check out this link to learn more about the Magento OTP Verification extension by miniOrange


We at miniOrange provide state-of-the-art plugins for Magento with custom modifications to cater to your every need. Please contact us at to discuss your requirement in detail and then provide you with this solution accordingly.

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Explore our Magento 2 Mobile Login extension which allows you to enable registration and login through Mobile number. To avoid fake registrations, it facilitates sending OTP through various SMS providers for the mobile number verification.

It supports any SMS gateway of the world supporing CURL to use for the OTP SMS verification.

It has many other features,