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Varnish cache flushing via admin interface

Varnish cache flushing via admin interface

As it currently stands, Magento 2 flushes the Varnish cache by performing a HTTP PURGE request.

This makes Magento 2 and Varnish unsuitable for use on a shared hosting environment where every user has their own Varnish instance, since everyone can connect to this port and thus flush the cache of every other user.

In Magento 1 (with the Turpentine extension), the cache is flushed through the management interface and protected by the shared secret.

Are there any plans to develop 'Magento-1-style' cache flushes and disallow flushing through the HTTP port?


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M1 Certified

I need this!

Francis Kim
M1 Certified

This would be awesome.

New Member

We realy need this. Any update? Smiley Wink