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View cart / Edit cart page

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View cart / Edit cart page

Hi, I have a suggestion regarding view/edit cart page on android/mobile device.


Scenario: 10 products were added to shopping cart and then cart was editied (quantity update etc). When tapping the quantity field against first product in cart then the numerical keyboard on android pops up. When the quantity is updated then user can only save the changes after he traverse to the end of the shopping list and click "update shopping cart" button.
Moreover there is a "Next" button that is displayed with numerical keyboard on mobile device.  This button takes you the quantity filed in next product without saving/updating the cart price.


Now the user scrolls down to last product in the shopping cart and wants to update its quantity. This time numerical keyboard does NOT display "next" button but instead it displays "Go" button upon click this it automatically saves the configuration and updates the cart price WITHOUT clicking "Update shopping cart" button separately.


My suggestion is it would be nice if such "Go" button is showed with every product quantity field. As mostly the custom does not go on updating the quantity of each and every product and mostly its just one or two product in the list that he needs the quantity update. in such case traversing to the end of the list just to save the configuration and update the cart price is not handy atall.