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Whole system Configuration Import and Export

Whole system Configuration Import and Export


For all developers In magento when setting a new store up, there is too many configuration that we do according to each developer requirement.

For example, i always enable imagick compressen, set flat category to yes, set asynchronous to sales, set product to decrease from stock in pending state, set to show how many items left when reaches 5, set admin lifetime session ......etc

There is too many configuration that you cant count we always tune our magento system accordingly. So why every time i need to setup a fresh copy i need to reconfigure the system again and again this takes time and time is money Smiley Happy.

My Feature request is that to make an option where we can export magento configuration categories from Sales, General, Catalog, system .... and all there sub categories, and export them to a single file.

While in import, i select the file i exported earlier and import the whole configuration or selective configuration, for example i only want to import the Sales category configuration.

But you must take into consideration that a configuration file must be compatible with all versions of magento old and future.

This is basicly my idea, Also if this idea can be applied to export third party extensions configuration. Because Advanced extensions requires many configuration especially seo tool kits. Using the import with a single click i can configure the whole extension. Also the extension developers can create a configuration settings files to give for extension buyers to configure there extension easily.