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add the product from the category

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add the product from the category


It would save us much time if we can directly add the products to the category from this place o "product in category" 


Currently we can just choose the category when posting the products.

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Damian Culotta

Hi @alenwang9788,

You can do that with Magento.

The first step wiill be to change the filters of products grid.

Área de trabajo 1_001.png



By default you only will see the products that were added to the category (that means the "Yes" at the first column).

Change that filter:

Área de trabajo 1_002.png



You can choose "Any" for get all products or just "No" to get the products that aren't into the category yet.

Now you'll see more products.

Área de trabajo 1_003.png



You can check the products you want.

Área de trabajo 1_004.png



And now you can save you category again.

All the selected products will be added.