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cloudflare / CDN issue - product grid does not load

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cloudflare / CDN issue - product grid does not load

Feature request from webkul, posted on GitHub Dec 14, 2015

cloudflare / CDN issue - product grid does not load - We are getting a very random issue whenever we supply the cloudlare on our server magento2 catalog grid does not load also throw an error related to backbone.js in admin product add at browser console.

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Status changed to: Investigating
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Comment from guz-anton, posted on GitHub Dec 22, 2015

Saying "randon issue" is not enough information to help you. Currently in Magento admin there is no backbone.js. Could it be you customization? Also it will be handy:

  • Do you setup CORS for CDN server?
  • What we are talking about?
  • What browser console says?
  • If you use some custom JS on this page? What is? Could you point to sources?
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Comment from webkul, posted on GitHub Dec 22, 2015

sure i am putting my apology for not clearing it in details .

1 - what we did we setup a magento2 instance in our aws server in this manner

2 - and this url works under the cloudflare as DNS propagation takes place from the CDN server

3 - we did not change anything its a fresh magetno2 setup

4 - when we tried to open the catalog product grid it shows blank and when i hope the console(Firefox , chrome ) to check the issues we got the knockoutjs error i am sorry i wrote it wrong

5 - when we remove the cloudflare from the subdomain everything works great

i hope i explained it well this time .

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Comment from kassner, posted on GitHub Dec 22, 2015

@webkul do you have Railgun or Javascript optimisation enabled on Cloudflare? It does have some options that mess around in JS/CSS files served.

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Comment from webkul, posted on GitHub Dec 22, 2015

not actually , strange is when we used it as static ip ex (xx.xx.xx.xx) it really work but not in subdomain

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Comment from ghost, posted on GitHub Jan 11, 2016

Same issue here on digital ocean. Thanks

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Comment from suzannealdrich, posted on GitHub Mar 06, 2016

With CloudFlare CDN enabled, I had a problem with the customer and product grids not loading, even though the AJAX call was returning populated with data. This also happened with the cart on the storefront. I solved this issue and everything is working perfectly now by turning off the Auto Minify feature for JS and HTML. If you look at the source of the HTML fragments that get loaded after the XHR response is complete, there is logic embedded within comments. These are stripped by Auto Minify. This embedded logic in comments is for knockoutjs, to declare templates for layouts.

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Comment from guz-anton, posted on GitHub Mar 16, 2016

Hi Suzanne, Its a good notice about CloudFlare and its AutoMinify feature. Thanks for this notice.

Under internal ticket MAGETWO-50525 will investigate possible solutions from Magento app side.

-- Regards, Anton

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Comment from biotech, posted on GitHub Mar 22, 2016

Magento 2.0.2 EE products and customers grids are empty when CloudFlare Rocket Loader enabled, after disable and leave only CDN features - works fine.

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Comment from joebusby, posted on GitHub May 07, 2016

I set up MAXCDN with Magneto2 using the following settings and it seems to work well.



Make sure you clear all caches after you make the changes. I am getting about 70% hit rate. The CORS seemed to help with the static files.