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import custom option for different store view

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import custom option for different store view

Magento 2.2.1 with 3 store view / languages

In product ID 192, the product has a color option with 20 color value, and I have translated it for 3 different store view / languages

In default store view:


In French store view:


In product ID 191, the product has the same custom options like in product 192. I click on import options in Customizable Options in default store view, and import it from product ID 192, then save.


And then, I changed to French store view, the value should be in French as I translated in product ID 192, but all be covered by default value.


And I tried to import it in French store view, but the value also be covered by default value.


So, for multi language site, import custom option should import with different store view, that will be much easier to add products.

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Anyone know about this?