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improving product options rendering

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improving product options rendering

Feature request from magexo, posted on GitHub Sep 15, 2016

Product options HTML is generated in two ways:

  • by options template
  • by swatch-renderer.js (if you have any swatch attribute on product)

What does it mean?

  • extending look of swatches mean complex rewrite of JS renderer (to be able upgrade later)
  • if you have any product without any swatch attr (quite usual), you have to also modify options template (doubled work)

Ideas what to do?

  • merge logic into UI component
  • some kind of inheritance from non-swatch to swatch approach
  • get rid of HTML generation with JS string concats!

Main objective?

  • streamlined customization
  • better extendability
  • M2 approach
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Comment from guz-anton, posted on GitHub Sep 20, 2016

Hi, Filip. Currently, your reported issue is in internal discussion. We will add notes here when will make a decision.

P.S.: personal thanks for raising a problem.

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Any update ?