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Request To change the admin order workflow

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Request To change the admin order workflow

first of all let me tell you the Magento order flow its very hard to understand and of course hard to use because its time consuming 

we wont something easy and efficient.

here is the scenario, there is wholesale company  with 80 + employees ? does that sound familiar?

magento has the option to create users and set permissions for users that its okay.

but this built in feature has to be extended to make it useful

here is how:

on the admin page when new customers are registered admin should b e able to assign an admin user (employee) for this customer

this admin user will handle all  inquires including orders and support  for this customer that means that this user will also apper on the order grid in the admin  


attached is a picture of what I mean, Mr. Magento should do it as default if they want to be at the top of the ecommerce  tire of this Im tirded of this mage thing and looking for the real new era of commerce!


feature request for orders

#1 able to edit orders without creating a new one this should be a default in magento. customer order 10 items but then change hes mind he only needs 5 magento "edit" creates a new order wtf? customer card was declined new card is available how to update without creating a new order uh? customer order overnight shipping but the shipping its not avaiilabe for that region need to be changed how to change that without creating a new order uh?


#2 able to print packing slip without changing order status the order has been received but payment has not, its a large order  that takes time to prepare (package) but the packing slip can't be printed unless there is an invoice wtf?


#3 able to issue a discount on order total (coupons sucks) the total its $10,000 i want to issue $800.00 discount or 8% discount how does your magento handles that ah??


#4 able to add  and change payment status (invoice status) lets say card was declined  how does magenta handles that?

... processing status... but there is a lot more orders in the same status its time consuming to  look for it 

#5 able to take partial payments lets say the invoice its $100,000 customer deposit 60 % of the invoice the balance its $40,000 how to handle that in magento ah?