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About the "PlaceOrder" response time.

About the "PlaceOrder" response time.

I'd like to ask a technical question about PlaceOrder function.

The "PlaceOrder" response time is currently over 20 seconds.
(for both REST API and GRAPHQL endpoints)

It only takes around 4 seconds if an order is placed on the default store,
but takes around 15-20 seconds or more if placed from the added stores.

Would you please give me advice on what the cause may be and also how I can optimize the response/solve the issue?
Thank you.


Magento Version 2.4.3 (Multi store setup)
Mariadb 10.3.31
Apache 2.4.46 (Unix)


Re: About the "PlaceOrder" response time.

Hello @tsutsumipo8233 


The response time for the "PlaceOrder" process in Magento 2 can be influenced by various factors. Here are a few possible reasons for the extended response time:

  • Server Performance:
    • The response time can be affected by the performance of your server or hosting environment. If the server is experiencing a high load or lacks sufficient resources (CPU, memory, etc.), it can result in slower response times. Consider reviewing your server infrastructure and optimizing it if necessary.
  • Database Performance:
    • Magento heavily relies on its database for various operations. Slow database queries or inefficient database configuration can lead to delays in processing the "PlaceOrder" request. Ensure that your database is properly tuned and optimized for Magento, including indexes, caching, and other relevant settings.
  • Extensions and Customizations:
    • Third-party extensions or custom codes can impact the performance of the checkout process, including the "PlaceOrder" operation. Some extensions may introduce additional processing steps or slow down the overall process. Disable or review any recently installed extensions or customizations to identify potential culprits.
  • Network Latency:
    • The response time can also be affected by network latency. If the server hosting your Magento installation is geographically distant from the user's location or if there are network connectivity issues, it can contribute to longer response times. Consider using a content delivery network (CDN) to optimize content delivery.
  • Checkout Configuration:
    • Review the configuration of your checkout process, including payment methods, shipping methods, and any additional steps or customizations you may have implemented. Complex or poorly optimized configurations can contribute to delays in the "PlaceOrder" response.
  • Debugging and Logging:
    • Enable developer mode and check the system logs for any errors or warnings related to the "PlaceOrder" process. Reviewing the logs can provide insights into potential bottlenecks or issues that are causing the delay.

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Re: About the "PlaceOrder" response time.

There are a few potential causes and optimizations to improve the slow PlaceOrder response time for additional stores in your Magento 2.4.3 multi-store setup:

- Check for third party module conflicts - disable any unnecessary checkout related modules and test. Some may impact order creation performance.

- Review database indexes, especially around sales_order and related tables. Missing indexes can slow searches/inserts.

- Enable Magento's order management splitting to segment stores into separate DBs. This prevents resource contention.

- Check for excessive customizations to PlaceOrder logic - heavy custom code can bog down order creation.

- Profile the PlaceOrder dispatch process to identify specific bottlenecks in the code execution.

- Configure caching for API requests to reduce duplicate orderCalculations.

- Optimize database configuration - ensure adequate connections, optimal innodb settings, etc.

- Rule out web server delays - try placing the order via CLI to isolate slowness to just Magento.

- Upgrade to latest version of PHP and MySQL for performance gains.

Start with reviewing customizations and database optimizations first.