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Ionos by 1&1 Hosting

Ionos by 1&1 Hosting

Hi there,


I have been using the above host for another web application. Their shared hosting plan has been OK for that. However, I am now realising it will be somewhat useless for Magento 2.0.


They do have some other packages though and I was wondering if any other people on here had any experience with them? Would one of their SSD VPS solutions be suitable for Magento 2.0? They seem very cheap and according to their website, this package allows 'full root access'. I'm assuming that means I can install what I want and configure all the PHP extensions I need!?


To be honest I find their support OK but when I asked them about enabling a PHP extension on my shared package, they told me it wasn't possible for technical reasons. What I don't understand is why they cannot then offer a positive solution and recommend a package that would work!


With all that being said they do tend to be cost effective...


Any thoughts?


Re: Ionos by 1&1 Hosting

The biggest issues with hosting Magento 2 often come down to configuration and optimization. From the publicly facing documentation on their site, it doesn't look like Ionos by 1&1 is specifically optimizing hosting environments for Magento 2.


There are some hosts that have offerings that are pretty economical for starter Magento 2 sites. These include companies like Aspiration Hosting, Alpha Hosting, and Nexcess. These are not necessarily the hosts that I'd specifically recommend for a mid-market or enterprise user, but if you're looking for something in the $xx range for a small business, you might want to compare them to Ionos.


Best of luck!

Re: Ionos by 1&1 Hosting

Thank you.

I read about Nexcess on this forum and I like the fact that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. At least then you have time to see what it's like.

With Ionos, I went to their top shared hosting package and really there seemed a negligible difference (performance wise) relative to their lowest 'rated' package. So I think I will only use that just to store files as it's virtually useless to me for hosting.

I just don't want to get into the same situation again where you sign up for something and then realise it's no good. By which time there is nobody 'around' that is interested in refunding or cancelling. 

I'm going to host Magento 2 locally so I can get used to it (it's new to me) and get it the way I want it. That will give me time to look through all the hosting options. I'll have a good look at those suggestions you made. 

It is for a store that I plan to launch, selling fast-moving consumer goods (groceries). It will be locally based but I need it to perform fast. I spent a bit of time and money on WooCommerce before realising that the platform is probably a waste of time in terms of the time spent messing about with it. I figure if it is going to take up so much time for my application I may as well get something with a bit of grunt!  Thanks again for those suggestions and the valuable input!

Re: Ionos by 1&1 Hosting

Ionos by 1&1 Hosting's shared hosting plan may not be suitable for Magento 2.0 due to its resource requirements. Their SSD VPS solutions could be more appropriate, offering full root access for installing and configuring necessary PHP extensions. While support experiences can vary, Ionos is known for being cost-effective. Ensure the VPS plan meets Magento 2.0's system requirements and consider reviews from other users before making a decision.

Re: Ionos by 1&1 Hosting

I have been through the same problem 2 years back. I was using a cheap hosting then someone recommended me to swtich to another provider. I looked up on the internet for another hosting provider and found Devrims. Since 2 years all of my hosting problems are solved they also offer 6-day free trial and hosting on variouse plaforms like Magento, joomla and PHP etc