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Are Minimum requirements correct???????

Are Minimum requirements correct???????

Hello, I seen in Magento Docs and on other sites that Magento 2.4.3 requires 2gbs of RAM to run. I seen reading through several posts here in threads people saying it can run on 2gbs of RAM or more. Most say it is fine with 4gbs of RAM and two cores. I am trying to set up hosting for it. I get a plan with 2gbs RAM and one core. The host provider loads elastic and the RAM is gone. Magento hadn't even been installed. I upgrade to two cores and 4gbs of RAM and I still cannot even successfully open the default theme in Magento sample data with it loading complete. My host is telling me it takes 6 cores and 12 gbs of ram to run Magento 2.4.3 and the Luna theme within. How is anyone just starting out getting reasonable hosting for this and PLEASE tell me where! Is this even close to right with all I read for responses on stats people told others would work or is there some problem some where as I cannot believe an 'open source' program needs that much resources just to power Luna. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated Smiley Happy ! Thank you for your time!!


Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

I think the 2 Gbs are from a pre Elasticsearch area. For runnig a minimal magento demo installation with elasticsearch, 4 GB are fine (if not, there might be some missconfiguration).


For production shops, it quite depends on your setup (extra services like redis, varnish, cronjobs, queue-consumers take extra memory) and traffic your side has (more php workers need more traffic)

Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

UPDATE: Host 'recommendation' of increasing to 6 cores and 12 gbs of RAM was a flop. I still cannot even get the home page to fully load let alone content pages to fill. This was installed using Softaculous installer. Host does not offer a CLI so they helped me fix flags with Two Factor, Cronjobs, and indexers so it was done by tech people. No alarms show in admin panel now either. To substantiate the claims for the demand on resources they say they took this right from the Elasticsearch website......


"As a Java application, Elasticsearch requires some logical memory (heap) allocation from the system’s physical memory. This should be up to half of the physical RAM, capping at 32GB"


As we just TRIPLED the RAM to run the DEFAULT theme I asked what is the system requiring then?


I am open to enlightenment here, so all ears for any ideas, input, and, after researching and contacting well over a dozen hosts, pagan god magic! TIA

Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

Thank you for the reply! I got to get the theme open before I can set up products. This is a whole new store I am trying to create. I seen people do installs of 2.4 from last year on YT in a 2 core 4gbs RAM VPS, like mine, and open and flip through pages just fine after clearing the errors thrown but, I am told it takes sooo much more.



EDIT: Funny thing is I start with 2gbs ram and am at 93% load on it with just elastic installed. Go to 4gbs with a second core and I am at low 80% consumed. Brand new site so no one but me and them even knows it exists to use it. They jump it to 12gbs ram and I am at 8.2 gbs consumed and all I am doing is refreshing the browser to see the server status.

Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

And the final call is out by my host provider. I guess it is open source but one needs to be more funded than a beginning entrepreneur for an ecommerce biz to use Magento now with elasticsearch being required. My hunt continues for a host and a solution. I would love to hear people's opinions, experience, knowledge, etc as getting this hosted, on a budget, has been a nightmare!!! Now that elastic is required I see Wordpress getting even more biz.


Host provider:

"Elasticsearch uses always around half of the available RAM unless the server has more than 64 GB of RAM, as the cap for Elasticsearch is 32 GB. So it cannot use more than 32 GB and it always uses around half of what is available as long as it is below the limit. When the server had only 2 GB of RAM you were using 93% of the RAM as there was very little to work with and the rest was used by the system and your websites on the server. When you increased the RAM to 4 GB, Elasticsearch was still using around 50%, however, the overall percent dropped to 80%, as now there was more RAM free since the system still uses the same amount, but the overall value for the server had increased. Once the RAM was increased to 12 GB, the percent dropped even further to 71% for the same reason. Magento is a very resource-demanding application even on its own and in combination with Elasticsearch, which is mandatory for the latest versions, it requires even more resources than before so it is normal to use that many resources. I do not see anything surprising here, as that is how Magento + Elasticsearch works."


EDIT: But I did like how they put the "+ Elasticsearch" in there like I had a choice. Oh yeah, pleeeaasssee give me something that will eat up half my resources, as shown......more, until it reaches it max. As it sits there idle and just to open the default theme. Yup, I sure wanted that Smiley Sad

Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

Hi @tailgunnerc882 

64GB RAM should be more than enough. If your site has less traffic and basic customization you do not require this much RAM. If it is a production website could you share the link of it?


To test with Elastic search I used the Cloud based elastic search in one of my project and I was not satisfied by the speed of Elastic search. So can not give much information about the Elastic search.

You can also consider to check following points.

1) Are all caches including full page caches enabled for your website?

2) Are you running your website in production mode?

3) You can switch to Nginx webserver.

4) Switch to SSD drives if your hosting provider provides these.

5) Try to use the combination of the Nginx, Redis and Varnish.


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Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

Don't forget to add the elasticsearch requirements!!! Smiley Wink And if you do not allow local users to execute long running processes, you have to do 2nd install somewhere for the cron function to work.


Anyway, if you want something small that hardly uses any resources and is faster, you can always try magento-lts that is the 1.9 with support for security issues. Install is also easier.

Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

It sounds to me like your hosting provider isn't really familiar with Magento and when you couple that with the lack of CLI / SSH access, I don't believe that they will be a right fit for you to host a Magento store. 


If Elasticsearch is an issue, you can actually setup a separate server for it and connect your Magento store to the server. 


Alternatively there are also quite a few solutions out there which allows you to not require Elasticsearch to run Magento 2.4+ that you can Google for. I've not used them myself but they do look decent enough. 

Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

Elastic search will always eat up tons of ram, you really need cli/ssh access to run Magento 2

You need to talk to a host that is familiar with Magento 2 and all its issues to start off with.


32GB ram is plenty with Elastic Search


This depends on your SKU count and your expected visitor load at peak times.




Re: Are Minimum requirements correct???????

I think the 2 Gbs are from a pre Elasticsearch region. For runnig an insignificant magento demo establishment with elasticsearch, 4 GB are fine (if not, there may be some missconfiguration). For creation shops, it very relies upon your arrangement (additional administrations like redis, stain, cronjobs, line shoppers take additional memory) and traffic your side has (more php laborers need more traffic)