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Best Hosting Option

Re: Best Hosting Option



Do you know how to make the site's load speed fast when we use the siteground cloud hosting?

It does not support the varnish or redis.


Re: Best Hosting Option

try Hetzner Cloud

Re: Best Hosting Option

try VPS Scaleway ot Hetzner, the price is affordable and have servers in Germany and France.

Re: Best Hosting Option

Where are you located, and, what's more important, where are your customers located? This could matter a lot, so selecting a nearby host with a VPS or a dedicated server might make sense. Take a look at these Magento hosting selection tips for more ideas - if you're still looking almost a year after, that is.

Re: Best Hosting Option



Check out Compute Engine instance in Google Cloud.

- There are tons of data centers to choose from

- Extremely flexible so you can easily upgrade/downgrade according to the expected load (there are elastic solutions which will do it automatically but you do not need that yet with your current traffic)

- You can add a cloud database, load balancer, more servers as your store grows.

- Your store will be in the same data center as Google bots which may provide faster indexing.

- GCP offers competitive pricing and the cost of your server will go down in time automatically just because you keep running it (unlike AWS or some other cloud or VPS providers where you have to commit to one particular configuration to get a better price - at least this was the case when we were looking for the cloud hosting upgrade for our clients).


We already moved most of the clients' stores we manage to GCP and they are happy with the performance and flexibility that provides.


Anton Pachkine @ : Magento Small Business Package.

Re: Best Hosting Option

best thing is to get your owner server, install cpanel and its done. ( lots of servers to rent)

second best is to pay a host that responds to you ( test that before you buy)

make sure you can test a demo on their servers of Magento - if they dont show you a live demo - why use them.

The latest and greatest - get i7 Intel Chips and NVMe drives - Magento needs power.

you get what you pay for


hope that helps somewhat

Re: Best Hosting Option

Hi, if you want a good host, go to Pangnote and look at suitable for you offers there

Re: Best Hosting Option

Best option is to start with VPS, some cheap provider like Vultr, Digital Ocean
Then you can move to Amazon VPS later when website grows up.

However, it requires techincal knowledge to use VPS. If you're not good then try to use managed magento 2 hosting, some like proper hosting is good

Re: Best Hosting Option

For an ecommerce store of your size, I recommend a managed cloud hosting plan optimized for Magento:

MageMojo's Turbo plan is an excellent mid-tier option starting at $125/month that provides optimized Magento servers, caching, security, and great support.

Nexcess also specializes in managed Magento cloud hosting - their Neon plan at $299/month would suit your needs.

Nexcess' managed VPS plans like the $80/month option are also robust and scalable for Magento.

A managed cloud or VPS solution will provide the flexibility, performance, and expert Magento support needed for growth. Basic shared hosting is likely insufficient, while a plan like MageMojo's Turbo or Nexcess' options offer strong capabilities tailored for Magento.