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Best Server Configuration

Best Server Configuration



I want to speedup Magento 2 website like What is best configuration, technology, server for 100K products, 2000 Categories? Please let me know. 


Re: Best Server Configuration

Hello @gkarthick87 


Here are some of the things that you can start with to improve the speed performance of your store:


  • Update Magento 2 version
  • Switch to PHP 7
  • Enable varnish cache
  • Set Flat Categories and Products
  • Advance Javascript and CSS
  • Set up Content Delivery Network
  • Turn Production Mode on
  • Use a lightweight theme and optimized images
  • Check the 3rd party extensions for bugs before installing them in the store.

Source Blog: Meetanshi

I hope it helps.


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Re: Best Server Configuration

@gkarthick87  Information you are looking for is not something you can here on forum, IMO. There are many other factors need to be assessed as well well coordinated with the Hosting provider. There is no formula using using which you/someone can calculate what you are looking for.


My recommendation would be to look for Magento hosting provider, who can help you with your requirements. You can also connect with @Robert Rand He is an expert in the field and guide you in right direction.

- Tarandeep
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Re: Best Server Configuration

Thanks. I will check with @Robert Rand

Re: Best Server Configuration

@Sanjay Jethva Thanks for your reply.


I already have this but my concern is speed of our website. After this settings also i feel very slow. I'm thinking like to split the Database and Frontend & Backend. Also, I need to know some better idea about this to speed up more. We already have 68GB Ram and 32Core CPU Magento Optimised server but the speed is not good.


Please let me know.

Re: Best Server Configuration

Elasticsearch is a must, without that you cant really go fast or scale.

Caching on multiple levels is another must. Use redis and do database caching, html fragments caching and full page caching.

Due to bloatware, default.magento frontend has to be avoided at any cost. Build your own frontend, if you can, using web services.

Custom e-commerce platforms are generally 3-5 times faster that magento at any day. Magento is feature oriented, not perfomance oriented. Many features,most of them not used but exist on the frontend, slow queries, etc. Add bad written plugins. Nightmare.