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Fast-CGI caching or Varnish ?

Fast-CGI caching or Varnish ?

I am setting up a server for Magento 2 on Ubuntu 19.10 with Nginx. My question is the following:


1. Should I use Nginx + Fast-CGI caching or Varnish ?

2. Did anyone actually test both setup and compare benchmarks?




Re: Fast-CGI caching or Varnish ?

IMO you should definitely use Varnish in a production environment and it is also strongly recommended by Magento. 


The only other alternative to Varnish that I would consider is LiteMage Cache but it is a commercial software that needs to be coupled with LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server. 

Re: Fast-CGI caching or Varnish ?

Thanks JHLC. I guess you don't want to mess around in an environment that is not fully tested once you are in production. Though it would be interesting to have a benchmark and do some testing with both setup. 


I might have fun and do benchmarks to see how it goes.