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Develop on Locahost or on Hosting?

Develop on Locahost or on Hosting?


I tried to work with Magento on Localhost, but is extremely slow. I tried everything i found on forums in order to make it faster but nothing really changed. My PC is i7, 8GB RAM, HHD on windows. After i couldnt make it faster on localhost, i tried to setup Magento on a hosting provider server and the results were very very better. But it was a promotion pachage, i paid for the hosting about 10$ for the first month, but after the first month hosting price went 30$ per month so i dont think its so clever to pay 30$ per month in order to develop a website, because now i just need to develop the website, i dont need visitors, bandwith etc. I will need about 4-5 months for development.


I am thinking to buying an SSD and setup Magento on localhost again. But iam confused because i cant be sure if SSD make it work faster. 


So i have 2 options and i ask for your opinions:


1) Give 40$ for an SSD and work on localhost

2) Buy a cheap hosting server on about 10$ per month. After development i will swich to a good hosting.


What do you think?


Re: Develop on Locahost or on Hosting?

Hi @dotlogic,


Having a SSD disk will be a great idea (almost a must nowadays).


Also remember to change the mode to developer using the Magento CLI:


bin/magento deploy:mode:show

Will show you your current mode. If isn't set to developer please chnage it with:


bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer


Re: Develop on Locahost or on Hosting?

Having SSD should help somewhat with the problem but it may or may not be as fast as a server, depending on how you set everything up. 


You should be fine to go with a cheaper plan during development and either switch or upgrade when you want to go live. Make sure you have your own backup if you go with a budget provider just in case. 

Re: Develop on Locahost or on Hosting?

In my opinion, buying an SSD should be a better option

Re: Develop on Locahost or on Hosting?

Moving to SSD and increasing the RAM to 16G will also help. Make sure you don't have other application taking out resource while you are running magento 2. 


Look into this neat way to develop .. when you run this make sure you don't run other application which consume ram and cpu