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Hello Magento Community

Hello Magento Community

Dear community users,


Hello to everyone here, and wishing you most and more.


I am analyzing one Magento 1.9 based application for its performance issue which has ~200 cron-jobs, and still at a preliminary level.


As a first thought, I was wondering if Magento 1.9 can be migrated to microservices-based architecture. I know in version 2.x, its supported but not sure about 1.9.


Any views/pointers are welcome.


Thanks & Regards,




Re: Hello Magento Community

Hi Manoj,


There's a lot that can be done to separate and optimize various elements of a Magento 1 instance. At JetRails, we commonly separate out the frontend, database, admin, caching, and site search into separate servers (whether bare-metal or cloud). We also have some customers that are leveraging PWA frontends with Magento 1. This is not a full micro-services architecture since Magento 1 is not built to with the API driven backbone that a true microservice platform would require, but it can still have a big impact on site optimization, especially when paired with the right CDN and other resources.


Given that Magento 1 wasn't built with a micro-services architecture in mind, and it's about to reach its end of life if you want to truly move forward with a microservices architecture, I'd suggest it would be better to invest into Magento 2. 


Best of luck!