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How to configure RAM

How to configure RAM

Hi all,


I'm new to Magento and managed to install Magento on a digitalocean droplet. I followed the documentation and having a lot off issues.


- RAM issues mostly

- Installing components with install wizard

- Installing components with compose.


I have the following setup:

- Ubuntu 18.04

- 1 cpu

- 3GB ram

- Apache 

- PHP7.2

- Mysql

- php.ini 2gb

- .htaccess 2gb

- Swap file 265mb


I found this page:

It tells the folliwing:


Scenarios and expected PHP memory requirements:

  • Webnode serving only storefront pages: 256 MB
  • Webnode serving admin pages with a large catalog: 1 GB
  • Magento 2 cron indexing a site with a large catalog: >256 MB (See advanced-setup to tune for optimal performance.)
  • Magento 2 compile and deploy of static assets: 756 MB
  • Magento 2 using the web setup wizard to install or upgrade a store with several 3rd party extensions: 2 GB
  • Magento 2 performance toolkit profile generation: >1 GB PHP RAM, >16 MB MySQL TMP_TABLE_SIZE & MAX_HEAP_TABLE_SIZE settings 

- Webnodefrontpage 265mb how do i configure this?

- Webnode serving admin pages 1GB how do i configure this?

- Magento 2 compile and deploy of static assets: 756 MB how to configure?

- Magento 2 cron indexing 265mb how do i change this?

- By default the TMP_TABLE_SIZE and MAX_HEAP_TABLE_SIZE is 16MB do i need to reconfigure this?


Hopefully someone can explain me how make a good setup.