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Is cloud hosting my solution?

Is cloud hosting my solution?

Hi, I own 2 websites with Magento 2. I am using a lot of my time managing, talking to my server support, hirering developers from upworks , extension supports and so on.

And I am buying webhotell for each of them.

I would like to sett up my products and my partner / solution take care of spead optimizing, seo optimizing, software update and so on.

I am looking for a service that gives me all in one package. Is cloud hosting my solution ? or should I look for something else?

Thanks in advance :-)


Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

When you say "all in one package", does that include doing SEO and updates for Magento, etc? 


Generally a Magento focused hosting provider will make sure that the server is properly setup and optimized to run Magento smoothly (this includes maintenance server level software and server level security). They will also be able to assist and help troubleshoot when you face any Magento related issues. 


Beyond that however, they will generally not help with application level matters like your Magento configurations, SEO, modules update, etc. 

Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

cloud hosting is not exactly the right word.

what you looking for is "ecommerce manager" style employee or company.

they manage everything - ads, seo, design, email marketing, site speed, UX, security and upgrades, partially server management. helping with some admin issues.



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Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

Cloud hosting is just infrastructure. For instance, you can host with a company like AWS or Digital Ocean - two different cloud services - but they're not the ones optimizing for Magento, maintaining your core server software like PHP, addressing speed optimization with various caching and other tools, helping to make sure that your environment is secure and PCI Compliant, etc. In relative terms, they're just providing virtual servers. They do have cool tools to use if you have hosting expertise, but it sounds like you're not looking to manage your hosting yourself, which makes perfect sense.


Whether you go with bare metal servers, or with a cloud hosting account, what really matters is finding a team that will holistically address hosting maintenance, management, and monitoring so that you don't have to. 


The same is true on the development side of things. Instead of finding random developers on Upwork, you can hire an agency that will holistically address the long-term maintenance of your website. That includes installing security patches and other vital updates on an ongoing basis.


Ideally, you'll pick a dev team and host that work well together. The best Magento hosts have vibrant partner programs filled with great agencies and Magento development experts.


If you ever want to switch developers, it's advantageous to have a direct relationship with your web host. If your developers are unavailable (nights, weekends, holidays), a good Magento host will have phone and ticket support available 24/7/365. Additionally, web hosts have larger staffs focused on hosting, which generally leads to better outcomes.


The opposite also holds true as well. Your web host should help with backups, caching, CDN, WAF, and other various elements of your hosting environment, but they should stop at the first line of Magento code. If not, the old adage "too many cooks spoil the broth" takes hold. It's the same problem that you get when you hire different developers from Upwork to work on your site. You don't know which one is responsible when errors or other problems pop up.


There are some Magento agencies with strong reputations that provide development AND SEO services, so that shouldn't be hard to find. I'd be happy to make some recommendations if you'd like.


Long story short, two good vendors (a host and an agency) should free you up to focus on other parts of your business, and lead to better overall long-term outcomes.

Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

I have this option in Norway

but it is very expensive!

I only need to add my products and information about them, then the rest is on them!

Payments, Accounting program related to their solution, server hosting, upgrading for all of softwares, Baisic SEO.

What other options I can find other places?

What should I search?


Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

It's hard to find all in one solution for all your need and to be very honest Cloud hosting is not the solution which would cover all your need.


What I would recommend Cloud hosting for is speed and performance optimization and for that, I would suggest going with Managed Magento hosting solution because their hosting solution is already optimized and can be easily managed just through the clicks.

Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

Cloud solutions might be challenging even though they give the company endless development opportunities. In the case of my company, I wanted to use as many possibilities as the AWS platform could offer us.
But you need significant expertise to develop necessary cloud solutions. I needed experts to help us design, optimize and implement our customized custom solutions. So, I hired aws premier partners, the company we still cooperate with on this topic. It’s much better than having to do all the job all by yourself. So, if you have trouble implementing cloud decisions in your business, you might need professional help.

Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

What you are really looking for is "Managed Magento Hosting"


Plenty of people provide this but it does carry a premium price tag and not all of them provide theme/seo as that is more developer focused.


Have a look around on Google and check out some of the ones listed.

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Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

Cloud hosting could be a good solution for your needs, as it can provide a fully managed hosting solution that includes all the services you mentioned.


With cloud hosting, you typically get a hosting provider that manages the server hardware, network infrastructure, and operating system, while also providing tools for speed optimization, SEO optimization, and software updates. Additionally, some cloud hosting providers may offer managed services for your Magento store, including security updates, backups, and monitoring.


You could also consider a managed Magento hosting solution, which would provide all the services you mentioned as part of a comprehensive hosting package. Managed Magento hosting providers specialize in hosting and managing Magento stores, so they can provide specific optimizations for Magento, such as caching, database tuning, and code profiling.


Ultimately, the best solution for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Consider evaluating different cloud hosting and managed Magento hosting providers to see which one offers the services and support you need at a price point that works for you.



Re: Is cloud hosting my solution?

I understand that you're interested in finding a hosting service specifically tailored for Magento websites, commonly referred to as "Managed Magento Hosting." This type of hosting typically comes with specialized support and optimizations for Magento-based websites.

If you're searching for Managed Magento Hosting, you can explore various options by conducting a Google search using the keywords "managed Magento hosting." This will provide you with a list of hosting providers specializing in Magento hosting services.

However, it's important to note that Managed Magento Hosting often comes at a higher price compared to regular shared hosting plans. Additionally, not all providers may offer additional services like theme customization or SEO assistance, as those aspects are usually more developer-focused. Therefore, it's essential to carefully review the features and offerings of each provider to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

Personally, I have had a great experience with Devrims and would like to recommend you the same.