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Magento 2 Installation Slow

Magento 2 Installation Slow

Hi All.


I come here because I've tried to search everywhere during hours and was

not able to find anything.


For a new customer we are evaluating which eshop we will use.

Because Magento is one of the most well-known, we want to use this eshop.


Even if the fucntinnalities are perfect, we have actually a big issue about

the performance.


When testing, we are using a WAMP (Windows Apache Mysql Php) solution on a

windows server. We tried with a VM hosted on azure but also on a local pc.


Even with an "more or less" empty database, all is very slow.

It's the first page to show, but also the other one. Nothing is fast.

If i compare it with a online demo of magento, it's cleary very different.


We tried already to do all things we found on internet  :

-On HTACCESS, be sure line is not disabled : SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

On php.ini, be sure memory is set to minimum 512 MB, memory_limit = 512M


But it is still very slow. The API is also slow but there i have no clue

of it's just the API that is slow or because the full magento website is slow

(php ? apache ? mysql? )


The eshop will contains more then 10 000 products, each of them with pictures.

So i have a terrible feeling that i will not be able to go further with Magento.


Can the community advises me on things to do to improve the speed ?


Does the WAMP is the issue and well known ? And when it will be hosted on a LAMP all will be ok ?


Does by default Magento is terrible slow and tons of plugin need to be added to have something ok ?


Is there some specific functionnalities that should be disabled because uses a lot of ressources ?


In advance,




Hosted configuration
Whamp Server 2.5
Php Version : 5.5.12
Apache Version:2.4.9
My Sql Version : 5.6.17


Hardware Configurations
Server : Windows Server 2012
Processor : Intel Xeon 2.40 GHz
Ram : 3.50 GB



Re: Magento 2 Installation Slow

Magento requires proper tuning to the web server, PHP and MySQL along with a few other optimizations to achieve good performance. 


How do you plan to host the Magento store when it is ready for production? I wouldn't recommend running Magento in a Windows environment even though it is doable. 


You may either need to hire someone who knows how to properly tune your server or go with a provider who specialize with Magento. 

Re: Magento 2 Installation Slow

One thing you can try is to deploy the static content/view files. In default mode Magento will not cache the static content so it is generated on the fly on every page request. This is slow so it will hurt performance and put extra load on the server.


To generate static view files, you can run the following command from your <magento>/bin directory:



magento setup:static-content:deploy <lang>

Replace <lang> with a space-separated list of ISO-636 language codes for which locales to generate view files. Leave blank to generate only for the default locale en_US.


Find more information here:


I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different modes: Developer, Default and Production. Performance may vary depending on which mode you are using. Generally Developer mode will give the worst performance while production mode will be the fastest. The drawback with Production mode is that you will have to re-generate static view files each time you make a change.


You will find more information about the Magento modes here:


Sindre M, CEO & Founder - The Magento Hosting Experts