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Best server magento 2

Best server magento 2

hich one is the best server for Magento 2, technical support and efficient help. And install.

Re: Best server magento 2

This is kind of a loaded question; the best server depends on various system optimizations (or capabilities there of) - without linking to specific websites, there's a lot out on the search engines which go hand in hand with optimizing Magento 2.x. 

For example, a base installation of Magento 2.x on Apache can bring my dual quad Xeon's with 32Gb under a 10 concurrent visitor load to a halt!


I paired this installation with Varnish, NGinx and load times go from 6+ seconds to under 3 seconds.


Search for "optimizing Magento 2" or something similar.

Re: Best server magento 2

unfortunately hosting companies out there mostly using dirty marketing tricks to sell servers "optimized for magento",

my experience tells me there are none. 


MagenX - Magento and Server optimization

Not the best server, but the best stack...

Hardware is largely commodity.

Find yourself someone that knows the best platform and understands Full Page Caching.

Steven Antonucci
LiteSpeed Technologies

Re: Not the best server, but the best stack...

Go with LiteSpeed and a partner who knows how hosting works. Find someone you trust and who can handle all the technical aspects of your webshop - he (or she) would also be great for advising the type of server you need.

Opzoek naar een hoster die echt met je meedenkt? - Puurhost Magento Hosting.

Re: Best server magento 2

Any decent dedicated server or VPS can handle Magento well nowadays if configured properly. Hardware is commodity, but a proper understanding of how Magento works and how to best tune the server to deliver optimal performance is a skill that can only be learned from experience. Also some technology features like LiteSpeed server or Nginx and a caching layer (Memcached/Redis + Full Page Cache) will help a long way.


My advise is to search for a host that has been in the business for a while and that specializes in Magento. Otherwise you will most likely be met with generic responses or a "you need to fix your code" attitude if/when you run into performance issues.

Sindre M, CEO & Founder - The Magento Hosting Experts

Re: Best server magento 2

These day cloud hosting is the best option for ecommerce websites as it scales well with the user load on the website. I would recommend you to try Amazon Hosting. You shall get free tier (1 gb RAM micro instance) for a year so you can try it for Free!!. 

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I hope this would help :-)

Re: Best server magento 2

I do not necessarily agree with the above. Generic cloud providers will not include any management, and unless you have the skills to set up and maintain a Linux server I would not recommend going down this route. At least you should partner up with a sysadmin or managed provider that can help you configure the server side of things.


A micro instance on AWS is not very good for Magento. It is too small, and you will start running into trouble as soon as you get some traffic. For development it is okay, I guess. Also keep in mind that with a cloud instance, VPS or any type of dedicated server you will not be able to use all the resources available with that plan. A portion of the CPU, RAM, etc. will be allocated to the operating system and other system services, so the resources available for your website will be less. Therefore you should choose a server that is slightly larger than what you think you need.


Another reason why cloud may not be the best option for Magento is that they use network attached storage, which is much slower than a local disk. High IO throughput is very important for a fast Magento site, so locally mounted SSD storage is going to outperform any cloud based storage by far.

Sindre M, CEO & Founder - The Magento Hosting Experts