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Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server

Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server



Is it possible to install a Magento 2 commerce version on a dedicated server?


This is a necessity for us in Russia, as a law forces E merchants to store all personal data on servers physically located in Russia. I've spent quite a significant amount of time finding an answer to this question, but without any success up to now.


Thank you in advance for you help.


Re: Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server



It's actually common to install Magento 2 Commerce Edition on a dedicated server. When getting your Magento Commerce license, you'll simply be asking for Magento Commerce "On Prem" instead of the Cloud edition. 


Many developers and merchants simply prefer the On-Prem hosting experience. This comes down to needs and personal preferences. Magento Commerce Cloud hosting is restrictive compared to a tailored hosting environment, and support SLAs can leave something to be desired. 


Additionally, Magento Commerce Cloud hosting is not available for all users, such as users that need HIPAA compliance, merchants that sell restricted goods like CBD Oils, etc. It sounds like you're in one of those categories of merchants that simply can't use the product.


In my experience, Magento Commerce On-Prem licenses are cheaper than Magento Commerce Cloud licenses since the hosting is not included, but that will be up to your negotiating skills.


Best of luck!


Re: Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server

Hi, it's possible to install Magento 2 on a dedicated server. You can use Linux OS like Centos, Ubuntu... on your dedicated server then install Magento 2 to your server

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Re: Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server

Yes its very simple and very normal to install Magento on a dedicated server.

You can run a single server with the front end and SQL all on one box, separate them onto 2 servers, or run a more complex K8's type set up. There of course are many more options than this but these are the  basic choices 



Re: Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server

Hello julrich,


Yes, you can install Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server. This will give your business the ability to store more data, make faster website updates, and have increased security. You can also use a dedicated server for eCommerce purposes if you want.


It will provide increased security and stability for your store. Additionally, it will allow you to manage your store more efficiently. You will also have access to more features and support options than you would if you installed Magento on a shared server.


In addition, a dedicated server also provides better performance and security. You'll also get more control over your data. Magento Dedicated hosting means your server resources won't be shared with any of the other websites. It enhances the performance of the Magento store by using a dedicated server. In short, it's an excellent combination for a CMS like Magento. 




Rex M


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Re: Magento 2 commerce on a dedicated server

Yes it is possible to install magento 2 on a dedicated server, if you lack expertise in server tuning and optimization, it is advisable to opt for a managed magento server (such as VPS, Cloud, or Dedicated Server) and specifically choose hosting providers experienced in Magento. This way, the hosting provider can fine-tune and optimize the server to meet the requirements of your Magento environment.