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Memcache doesn't work

Memcache doesn't work



I'm trying to configure magento to store sessions in memcache, ideally replicating that on two different memcache.

For now I'm trying to make it work with a single memcache server, I installed both memcache and memcached extensions, and I configured them :



extension =
session.save_handler = memcache
session.save_path = 'tcp://'

(I also had some other options for failover and replications but since I can't even get it working with one server, let's drop that for the moment).


And then in the local.xml of magento :



Now the site seems to be working fine, I can add products in my cart. If I stop the nginx of the server I'm on, I do get sent to one of the other servers (using haproxy for this) but the cart becomes empty.

I checked and the usual session directories (/tmp, var/session in magento ..) are empty, so it doesn't look like it's using the files handler, but it doesn't look like it's using memcache either.


Any idea what I'm missing ?


Re: Memcache doesn't work

I apologize, looks like I'm in the wrong section, it should be in magento 1. I had no idea both were still used, I'm just the sysadmin, I don't usually deal with the applications. Can someone move that thread ? I don't see how to do it myself.