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New Magento Server Needed

New Magento Server Needed



I am looking for someone who can setup and configure a server for me to host my Magento websites.


I currently have 24 Magento 2 and 3 Magento 1 websites running on my current server.


Looking for someone who has experience in optimizing servers for Magento as I really need to improve the speed of my current sites.


Please get in contact if you think you can help with this and also please provide some sample sites that are running on a server that you have configured.





Re: New Magento Server Needed

Sure, we have clusters that run at performance rating of 95% on categories and 97% on products, as you have so many sites this would mak sense, full database redundancy, load balanced. Usually Amazon AWS based (although any cloud or bare metal works), with the option of either redundancy install for established sites or Google ranking install for new sites, Google treats the architecture differently.


Currently with a reference Magento site Google ranked 9,400pages out of the 15,000product database across four country stores, in a few weeks, the performance and ranking of the clusters is better than the enterprise companies have themselves such as Saks, Sephora, and as such the sites auto rank themselves.


We just placed a 15,000product Wordpress/Woocommerce site on the cluster and tested the results, one active web server was 83% performance on category page, three active web servers 93% performance, and three active web servers with varnish enabled was 97%, the product page was 99% performance, no one in the world has this.


We were speaking about it today, we truly have absolutely no idea why people do not understand that with such technology, the need for backlinks, content writing, marketing becomes optional rather than mandatory, with the holiday season approaching where 70% of all yearly sales are made, single web servers or even small clusters are just not going to make the grade. Instead of being behind the top enterprise retailers, we pushed the technology above their level to out rank them, quicker, if only Adobe had our architecture for their enterprise clients, but they don't Smiley Happy

Re: New Magento Server Needed

Considering your optimization requirement you can move to a managed Magento hosting solution. As these managed servers offer great tools and features like CDN, Varnish, Redis, and other great ways to optimize the server.

Re: New Magento Server Needed

  1. Ensure your server meets Magento's system requirements.
  2. Use LiteSpeed as your web server software for better performance.
  3. Implement full-page caching with LiteSpeed Cache extension.
  4. Utilize a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster content delivery.
  5. Optimize your database with proper configuration and caching.
  6. Seek experienced professionals or hosting providers specialized in Magento hosting and optimization.
  7. Inquire about their previous experience and sample sites they have configured.
  8. Review portfolios, testimonials, and customer reviews before choosing a provider.

Following these steps should help you find the right expertise and optimize your server for hosting Magento websites.