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Performance improvement 2.3.1

Performance improvement 2.3.1

What should we improve to improve the loading speed of the store?

We use REDIS and VARNISH on the server, what else can we optimize on it?

Thanks for all the suggestions.


Re: Performance improvement 2.3.1

Besides server level optimizations, a lot of performance bottleneck will come down to the application itself. 


You will want to go through all the modules that came out of the box and make sure to disable those that you are not using. 


You should also audit the third-party extensions/modules and your theme for performance bottleneck.

Re: Performance improvement 2.3.1

Hello @andrzej_tereszkiewicz 


Make sure all of the required cache are enabled (obvious), add cloudflare to your website, use compressed images (webp images) which eats up speed.

And the most important is your modules, disable all third party modules and check if the speed is better now, then check one by one which one is causing poor speed.


Hope it helps !

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Re: Performance improvement 2.3.1

There are some common methods that will help to Optimize your Magento store's performance:

  • Latest Magento Version
  • CDN
  • Image optimization
  • Magento Cache management
  • Managed Magento Hosting 
  • Page caching extensions
  • Combine CSS and JS files
  • Reducing HTTP requests