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Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

I am thinking about moving my store to Magento. I have some concerns about this because there are 1,500,000 SKUs in my product catalog. Will Magento be a good solution or will this amount of products cause me to pay millions to patch this system?


Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

Officially, you are not recommended to have more than 242 million products, so you should be fine. It's documented here -


BTW. We've worked on stores of that size before. Hit me up if you need any help.

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Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

Can you provide the addresses of the sites with so many products?

Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

Not publicly but I will send you a DM Smiley Happy 

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Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

Yes, Magento 2 can handle a large number of products, including 1.5 million products, thanks to its scalability and performance optimization. Magento 2 is designed to support enterprise-level e-commerce websites with extensive product catalogs. However, there are several factors to consider when managing such a high volume of products:

  1. Server Resources: To ensure optimal performance, you'll need robust server resources including ample CPU, RAM, and storage. High-performance cloud hosting or dedicated servers are recommended.

  2. Caching and Indexing: Magento 2 offers advanced caching and indexing mechanisms that help improve the speed and responsiveness of your website, especially with a large number of products. Proper configuration of caching and indexing is crucial for efficient product searches and browsing.

  3. Database Optimization: Managing a massive product catalog requires a well-optimized database. Regular database maintenance, indexing, and using technologies like Elasticsearch for advanced searching can significantly enhance performance.

  4. Content Delivery Network (CDN): Implementing a CDN helps distribute content globally, reducing load times and improving the user experience for customers accessing your site from various locations.

  5. Code and Extension Optimization: Custom code and third-party extensions can impact performance. Ensuring that your code is optimized and that extensions are well-vetted for compatibility is important.

  6. Responsive Design: Large catalogs need user-friendly navigation. Choosing a responsive design and optimizing product filtering and sorting options can enhance the customer experience.

  7. Product Organization: Properly organizing products into categories, attributes, and attribute sets simplifies product management and enhances the shopping experience.

  8. Regular Monitoring: Ongoing monitoring of your website's performance and taking timely actions to address bottlenecks or issues is crucial.

  9. Scalability: Magento 2 is built with scalability in mind. You can scale your server resources as your product catalog grows, ensuring consistent performance.

  10. Development Expertise: Working with experienced Magento developers who understand the intricacies of managing a large catalog can help ensure a smooth experience.

It's important to note that while Magento 2 can handle a large number of products, the success of your website also depends on proper planning, optimization, and ongoing maintenance. Consulting with Magento experts or agencies experienced in managing large catalogs can be beneficial to ensure your online store performs optimally with 1.5 million products.

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Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

It will be fine. I've known a website that has managed around nearly a million products on Magento smoothly. Though 1.5M sku is a big number, there will be a bit of an issue with the SEO and linking stuff. But it could be avoided if done with best practice. 
Also with this much products, the optimization of your site is also important to ensure it's best performance. A dedicated hosting or a Managed Magento hosting will help you ensure the best reliability and performance of the website.

Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

So the practice is different to the theory, yes you can run that many products in Magento and it's the best solution below Hybris or Websphere or Demandware, but you have to run it on clusters and not any clusters, special performance clusters which the consultants designed in-house.


These volumes (or close to) have been on both 1.9x and 2.4x, the problem with 2.4x is due to the new way of doing everything it's more susceptible, meaning day to day it works better than 1.9x but when it breaks your whole site can go down, anyway unless you are willing to spend $millions on enterprise solutions Magento2 will be your best option.


As a note be careful of custom code and non-standard extensions, the lack of testing and bugs with that size store will result in no end of problems from security to stability, plus if you're running community they removed the read/write database instance separation, there's a workaround which we use but it's part of the cluster.


On top of that it was simpler for us because we have auto load code that creates and maintains the products and image generation via a drag/drop product manager, it was designed to load 100,000s products per day and process 10s millions to check for updates, this is something else you will need to consider, plus the fact Magento only has two-tier currency (international sales), you need three-tier but again we have special code that does this by rewriting the pricing engine.


In theory it's simple, and if you have all the above it is, but for most it won't be and would take you 6-9mths to launch, we do these in around 6-9wks but it's for in-house sites because the developers have experience from multi-national companies who run millions and 10s million product websites, anyone with only 10,000s product launch will just not have the experience.

Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

Magento by default is not prepared to manage so many products (sorry, but Adobe lies in its documentation), the problem will be with reindexing, filters by attribute in the product page sidebar,  catalog rules, or any process that applies to the entire catalog. And without going into the integrations, which can create endless queues.

There are creative solutions out of the box in Magento to treat so many products efficiently.

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Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

HI @wrzoniu121d3f8 Magento 2 is capable of handling a large number of products, including a catalog with 1.5 million SKUs. However, the success of your store's performance depends on various factors such as hosting infrastructure, optimization, and efficient management of your product data. It's essential to invest in robust hosting, optimize your website, and consider professional Magento development to ensure optimal performance and scalability for a catalog of this size. While there are costs associated with maintaining a large-scale e-commerce platform, strategic planning and implementation can help mitigate any potential issues, making Magento 2 a viable solution for your store with a substantial product catalog.

Re: Will magento2 be good for 1.5M products?

my store has well over 1 million SKU's and since moving to 2.4.5, I've ha nothing but issues with the site crashing several times a week, due to long running sql queries and resource issues.


Be very careful with going forward with this