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Blank theme product grid broken ?

Blank theme product grid broken ?

Hi, I created a simple theme extending the blank theme.

I added a widget on the homepage with the default 1 column layout.

note : I've put the background page in grey to highlight the issue.


On the second raw the css is *broken* and the fist product of the second row (desktop view) has a faulty left margin, same goes on following rows.


I doubt the css are broken "out of the box" I must have missed something... What's wrong ?

Here is a screenshot:Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.22.14.png




Re: Blank theme product grid broken ?

Hi  @BluedgeUSA,

Could you please inspect the CSS code for the first element of the second row and share a screenshot of that?


By doing that, we will be able to compare the CSS from your Magento instance with the default one from the Magento out-of-the-box codebase?



Best regards.


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Re: Blank theme product grid broken ?

Hi @Gabriel Guarino

I set the theme to Blank, so no bias. (never edited the Magento theme & cache cleaned by command and manually)

The same issue appears as you can see in the screenshot.