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CSS LESS variable not overriding

CSS LESS variable not overriding

Although many of the variables I have updated in my <theme>/web/css/source/_extend.less file work correctly I have now noticed that I can't override one very specific variable.


I noticed that the active dots on the fotorama mobile version of the product gallery are still orange, and not black as per my defined color, and I dont understand why. I've checked the original gallery.less file and the dot color is defined as @active__color.


In my _extend.less file this @active__color is defined as black. I referred to the reference page here 

and see that the orange color is defined as 

@theme__color__secondary: @color-orange-red1;

and then
@active__color: @theme__color__secondary;

so I changed both @active__color and @theme__color__secondary to black, but it still comes up as orange.


Where am I going wrong?