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CSS changes not showing up on magento2

CSS changes not showing up on magento2

Hello, i'm very new in Magento and i was just following a frontend tutorial on customizing the site's homepage. 


I added a slider on my new magento theme through the content > pages sections and gave it a class of "slider-primary" next to its pre-existing class "pagebuilder-slider".


I saved the changes and the class name appears when i inspect the page.


Now i tried adding some css in the code inside my own theme's directory in (themename)/web/css/source/sections/_slider-primary.less and i enabled developer mode.


The tutorial now tells me to delete a few directories with the following command:

rm -rf var/cache/* var/view_preprocessed/* pub/static/frontend

but i get a "no matches found:" error for each of those.


I tried reloading the site to see if the css was working but nothing changed.

Can i get some help please?


Re: CSS changes not showing up on magento2

Too many things to explain, you have to read this -

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