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Editing Extension CSS

Editing Extension CSS

I've installed a third-party extension on a Magento 2 store for a client of mine and they would like some cosmetic changes making to it to make it match the site's look and feel.

I can edit the css file directly in app/code/<vendor>/<extension>/view/frontend/web/css but obviously if the extension updates then those changes will be lost.

What's the best way to change the css so the changes aren't lost. Should I just overide the css in my theme css or can I remove the extension css from the head and load my own version? Or can I copy the css to somewhere in my theme folder?


Re: Editing Extension CSS

Hi @denialdesign,



If you document those changes, then there should be no problem at all with the styles.


When you download a new version of the extension, you should simply compare the previous unedited CSS file with the new CSS file, and migrate the changes.



Best regards.


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Re: Editing Extension CSS

@Gabriel Guarino I am just wondering if it'd help @denialdesign if he added the css to _extend.less file? I reckon that'd do the magic, what are your thoughts on it? 

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