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Magento2 PWA Venia - Error Message not showing correctly

Magento2 PWA Venia - Error Message not showing correctly

I have successfully installed Magento2 with PWA studio using the Venia theme. While playing around with the SignIn Component I have noticed that the error message is not showing properly with respect to detailed information. It is always showing the default error message Mostly: "An error has occurred. Please check the input and try again. "

I would like to show the graphql error message if any error is there. Screenshot for quick reference is attached. The console is showing the correct error message. I need to show the same above the form. Please guide.

Thanks in advance.



Re: Magento2 PWA Venia - Error Message not showing correctly

It can happens due to a lot of reasons. You need to do a little bit troubleshooting to know the reason.

Sometime due to load on server the browser is not able to load the page.
In such case try refreshing the page, video will load.

2. Sometimes, may be your internet connection is week. You need a good internet connection to load YouTube videos.You may try Speedtest website to check the internet speed.

3. You may also try running some other website to know if only YouTube is having problem.

4. Try using different browser.

5. You can also try using prefix as http:// or https://

6. The worst thing that can happen that is may be YouTube is blocked on your Network that you are using.

7. You may also do one thing locate host file in your PC that is located  Official Site

Re: Magento2 PWA Venia - Error Message not showing correctly

Hi Team,


Would like to inform you that i have deliberately input the wrong username and password to get the error message on screen. The error which is showing on top of the form is the default message, while the one which is displaying in console (graphql error) that i want to show on top of the form. 

There is no such criteria of internet connection failure. 


I am trying to show proper error message in PWA, which is more likely seems a bug in the theme and node modules. Need a solution to fix the same.