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Precreated pagebuilder templates

Precreated pagebuilder templates

Hi there,


We are currently working with magento EE. For our content we use the default pagebuilder options and we have created a few templates.


In this process however, we find that our business users are not able to describe what they need from a page template and they refer to other CMS's which have page template libraries in it. I have searched the market place to see if I could find anything related to it but it is very difficult to find. ( so far we only found Buildify as a possible option ).


My question is : Are there option to integrate any 3rd party page template library into our current pagebuilder ? 


many thanks in advance for any help or tips on this !


Re: Precreated pagebuilder templates

Hi @sdanckaartd4c3,


Greetings of the day!


There are many other page builder extensions available. Some are paid and some are free. You can choose any third-party page builder extension for your store that suits your requirements.  You can do customize the extension if required. 


Hope this will help you!

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Re: Precreated pagebuilder templates

Thanks Namita. Of course I udnerstand there are many CMS systems available and all of them have ups and downs. In our situation we are bound by pagebuilder and practically seen, we are happy with it. 


However, out of the box, pagebuilder offers no good starting points for non-technical content managers. As such, my questions was about adding a library to pagebuilder and not to replace the entire CMS.


Of course the other optionis that we our selves create all the templates but if 'reinventing the wheel' is not needed then that would really help us to speed things up and it prevents the migration to a new CMS and related activities..

Re: Precreated pagebuilder templates

A few options are available for integrating a third-party page template library into Magento. One option is to use the PageBuilder extension from Buildify. This extension allows you to select templates from a library of a page when creating new pages in Magento. You can find a bunch of these templates at guys from Okslides. Another option is using a custom page builder extension with a template library. This option would require some custom development work. If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, you can hire a Magento development company to help you.