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Product Attributes Damaged Product Pages

Product Attributes Damaged Product Pages

I am having an issue with my product pages. I am a novice when it comes to magento but have been trying to learn as I go. I have done something in the Stores>Attributes>Product Attributes. I am not exactly sure what though. The link provided is what the product page looks like. This is a problem as our customers can't process orders. I was told I must have deleted something but I have no idea what because I haven't deleted anything but an old attribute that wasn't even used. I have been messing with global versus store view versus website, is that the problem or is it the requirement drop down? I think I may have changed a few of those from yes to no. Any suggestions or help as soon as possible would be great. Thank you


Re: Product Attributes Damaged Product Pages

Also wanted to note that now on the category product pages there are sale pricing showing up, that aren't even on sale.

Re: Product Attributes Damaged Product Pages

Hello @ssprecision 


As I can see the product detail page has two .html.html at the end, this can also create issue, so what you can do now is, you can install one more setup of Magento of same version and compare your product attribute settings.

That will surely help.

Also keep in your backup task to take backup of your database by alternate days or atleast weekly so that can help you to maintain a backup if anything goes wrong.

Let us know if you still face this after doing the above check.

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