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Rectangle image to square

Rectangle image to square

I have uploaded some rectangle images, but I would like to show them as a square image. So Magento should add on the right and left side some white space. How can I arrange this?



Re: Rectangle image to square

Hi @alexander_jorda 

You need to create custom module for your requirement and you can use below code for resize images according to your requirement:

protected $imageFactory;

public function __construct(
    \Magento\Framework\Image\Factory $imageFactory
) {
    $this->imageFactory = $imageFactory;
public function resizeImageToSquare($imagePath, $imageName){
        $image = $this->imageFactory->create($imagePath . '/' . $imageName);

        $image->backgroundColor([255, 255, 255]);

        $biggestDimension = ($image->getOriginalWidth() > $image->getOriginalHeight() ? 'width' : 'height');
        if($biggestDimension == 'width'){
            $image->resize($image->getOriginalWidth(), $image->getOriginalWidth());
            $image->resize($image->getOriginalHeight(), $image->getOriginalHeight());

        $image->save($imagePath .”_resized”, $imageName);

        return $this;

This code help you to resize images.

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Re: Rectangle image to square

Thanks for the code! Where should I put this?

Re: Rectangle image to square

@Bhanu Periwal I do not know how I should use this? Where do I need to add this file? I found also another solution from Mageplaza, which is similar to your code. This is the title of the post:


"How to change product image size in Magento 2"


If you fill this in Google, you will find the post. But I do not know how it works. Can you help me with this?