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Show Products in a Table List with Thumbnails and Variants

Show Products in a Table List with Thumbnails and Variants

Hi I've been trying to hunt this down for multiple different ecommerce platforms and none seem to quite do what I'm looking for, or atleast come close without costing several hundred dollars for addons and features.

I need to display my products in a table format with small pop out thumbnails that show variants all with quantity information and add to cart buttons. I have attached a picture of what I'm trying to accomplish.



As you can see it shows a list of items in a table format with some information on it including stock quantity, price, and then allows you to select number you want to purchase with a buy button. It also allows variants to display below the standard product if it has a different condition with separate inventory and price.


I know with Magento i can set up the variants and have them set at different prices, but i'd like them to show up grouped together as a separate option. And of course show it all as a table.


Any feedback on how to code this or example code would be great as I have alot of products that have variations like cards with foiling, or comics with different conditions and variable covers so i need to be able to show product variations that i have available as purchasable without needing to go into the product page.




Re: Show Products in a Table List with Thumbnails and Variants

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