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private video page for paying customer ?

private video page for paying customer ?

The problem: I have a ecommerce store in magento 2 to sell tickets can't handle much traffic.

The concerts are in a simple html page being hosted in a S3 bucket. to avoid crashing the M2 server.

Right now am hosting the video on vimeo, behind a paywall, this paywall provide me codes so people can see the videos.

so the process is : a client buy a ticket on M2, we manually send them an email with a code from the paywall so they can watch the video. the client watch the video on the html page inside the S3.

The  solution I need:

people buy the tickets on magento and the system would allow them to watch the page of the video without having to enter any coupon code. if they never purchased the ticket the concert page shows a warning.


 my M2 server is not optimized so with 100-300 people on site the CPU just skyrockets. so until that is fixed how can we achieve this with an external html page?