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Ajax search suggestions don't work

Ajax search suggestions don't work

I want to search by SKU but suggestions don't appear.

For example, most SKU start by "600", the ajax request made by Magento 2.x is:


The result is


SKU field is searchable and active, why does it return 0 results?


Re: Ajax search suggestions don't work

Those search suggestions by default are based on what previous users have searched. 


In admin if you go Marketing > Search Terms, you have a list of all of them. If you go into a specific one, you have a control "Display in Suggested Terms" - Yes or No, to block the ones you don't like being displayed there.


So just try searching for some of your 600... SKUs a few times and see if they start popping up in the suggestions.

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Re: Ajax search suggestions don't work



You can clear your Magento cache to refresh search results and potentially resolve the issue. Sometimes, third-party extensions can interfere with search functionality. Disable extensions one by one to identify any conflicts.

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