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Associate simple products to configurable products

Associate simple products to configurable products

Hello everybody, first post here... first month on learning magento 2

I've been able to create configurable and simple products trough php, but I can't find a way to associate those simpe products to the configurable product.

The only resource I've found about it, it's this one:

but still, I couldn't make it work.


Basically I've create a product custom attribute for the sizes (manually, later on I'll look into how to do it programamtically ) and I have to create products so that the end result is that you see 1 product of which you can choose multiple sizes.

Just like magento2 with sample data...

I've learnt how to do it manually but I couldn't find out how to do it with php.


Is there any pointer that could help me solve the issue?

Any tips or suggestion is appreciated.