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Best payment operation for payment method

Best payment operation for payment method


I'm currently developing a payment module for Magento 2.4 which integrates with external Payment Service Provider (PSP). The flow is:

1. Customer adds product to cart
2. Proceeds to checkout
3. Picks my payment method
4. After pressing "Place Order" the Customer is redirected to external PSP site.
5. Customer pay for the order using PSP methods - the payment started to process on PSP side
6. The customer is redirected back to the shop

For now I've implemented the Authorization operation which invokes Authorize command, redirects customer to the external PSP and creates payment on PSP side and adds order to magento (the state is Processing).

1. Is Capture command responsible for receiving notifications from PSP (about Payment state) - or is it Capture operation?
2. Should I use the Sale operation for this kind of flow?
3. Does the Administrator create invoice manually for each order?
4. Should an invoice be created automatically in this particular situation?
5. If Capture command is responsible for manually/automatically creating invoices, then what would be the best approach for recieving the notifications from PSP?

If anyone have any suggestions feel free to share.


Re: Best payment operation for payment method

  • Paypal. Paypal is one of the biggest and most familiar of all the online payment options. ...
  • Amazon Pay. ...
  • Google Pay. ...
  • American Express. ...
  • Apple Pay. ...
  • Stripe. ...
  • Square. ...
  • Visa Checkout.