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Checkout Totals Sort Order

Checkout Totals Sort Order

Greetings Community!


Two questions.


1.  Is there a link/page that explains the option on the Checkout Totals Sort Order page.  For example, my shopping cart automatically gives 20% discount even though I did not set a promotion.

     ::  Why is Subtotal on Checkout Totals set to 10?  Why not 1 or 3?


2.  Free shipping shows for any amount, even $10 despite I set a Minimum to $500.

     ::   I set Free Shipping Minimum in Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods

     ::   Is there elsewhere that I should set the Minimum?




Re: Checkout Totals Sort Order

Hi @Sheba, perhaps our documentation on this will help you out?


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Re: Checkout Totals Sort Order

Hi @Sheba!


About numbers for totals. Totals are numbered 10-20-30-40.. It allows extension developers and integrators to insert their own custom totals between or prior existing ones by default.


About Free shipping and discount. It seems to be an issue. Do you have steps to reproduce it from clear installation? Which version do you use?



Re: Checkout Totals Sort Order

I am using Magento 2.1.  Yes, it is from a clean install.  Add products over $200 - $300 to cart.  20% discount is automatically applied to the cart and I can't find where it's coming from.