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Cross-Border-Trade | Non-EU Country prices

Cross-Border-Trade | Non-EU Country prices

Hey everyone,


I am facing the following issue in our Magento store (versiob 2.4.6):


We import every item with tax included and all items are sold at the same price, regardless of the tax rate in certain countries.


For example:

Product A -> import with 100 € (including Tax):


German Customer: pays 100 € incl. 19% Tax

French customer: pays 100 € incl. 20% Tax

Dutch customer pays 100 € incl. 21 % Tax

This works well in Magento, when you enable the “Cross-Border-Trade” setting.


The problem, however, are countries with 0% Tax rate.

Switzerland, UK or USA for example:


All of them are now paying: 100 € with 0% Tax rate.

What we want them to pay is (in our case, the store is located in Germany)

100 € / 1,19 = 84 €


Does anyone know how I can modify this behaviour in Magento 2.4.6?

Best regards


Re: Cross-Border-Trade | Non-EU Country prices

As i know you'll need to adjust the product price in cases where the tax rate is 0%. This can be achieved using a combination of catalog price rules, customer groups, and tax classes. Create a customer group for the countries with 0% tax rate (e.g., "Zero Tax Countries"). Create a new tax class for products imported with tax included (e.g., "Imported Products"). Assign the new tax class to the products you import. Create a catalog price rule targeting the "Zero Tax Countries" customer group. In the conditions, specify the countries with 0% tax rate. In the actions of the price rule, set a discount amount that adjusts the price based on your desired calculation (e.g., 15% off for 0% tax rate countries).