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Configurable Products - Basic Questions

Configurable Products - Basic Questions

So I've been investigating Configurable products while my outsourced development team goes about creating my store. The following questions are a bit basic but have been bugging me as they don't seem to have been clearly explained.

  1. When I create a configurable product with multiple simple products under it will Google still be able to crawl the unique URL/recognize that there are these various options of products under this Parent product?

  2. When someone finds a 'child'/'simple' product via google, what happens when they click on the link? Do they come to a 'simple' product page or the configurable product's page where the simple product is an option?


Re: Configurable Products - Basic Questions

Hello @rykertyler_ryke 


To deal with the issue, make sure to put a canonical tag like this on your product variants:


you can go to Store > Configuration > Catalog and click “Search Engine Optimizations,” then make sure both “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories” and “Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products” are both set to “Yes.” This won’t handle every situation where you should be using a canonical tag, but it will take care of the low-hanging fruit.


Manish Mittal

Re: Configurable Products - Basic Questions

@rykertyler_ryke I want to give you a brief explanation about configurable product.


When you create configurable product with multiple options(Simple Product), then you have option whether you want to show those simple product individully or not.


For example:- Let's say you have product A which is configurable and whose visibility is "Catalog Search" and there you have two options B and C which are simple products and whose visibility is "Not visible individually".


Then on frontend when you try to access product A you will be able to do that but when you try to access B and C you will not as it will show you "No product found".


So it is up to you whether you want to show the products individually or not.

I think it solves your problem.



Re: Configurable Products - Basic Questions

Hello to everyone, 


I've got a related question about configurable products.


I've got a simple product under a configurable product that i want it to be independent for search engines and on catalogue. In orden to be found through our internal search box.


The problem is that i've change the setting from "not visible individually" to "visible on search and catalogue" and the product still does not appear anywhere, keeping itself hidden to users.


I've tried directly typing the url of this simple product and it gets me to a 404 page.


Is there any other configuration i'm missing to set in order to make this URL, the product on catalogue and search available?