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Duplicate content with store code in url

Re: Duplicate content with store code in url

@myrbourfak618d wrote:


I have noticed an important issue and I'm surprised that nobody has given focus to it, so no solution found in internet yet.

I want to create a multilingual site (greek and english) and I have enabled "Add Store Code to Urls" and created two store views with the corresponding codes en (english) and el (greek).

I have set up greek as default.

The issue is that the system gives the exact same page if you go to and if you go to This of course is 100% duplicate content and will be for sure penalized!
So how can we solve this?
Possible solutions:
1. redirect all pages with /el/ to the one without it
2. redirect all pages without code to /el/ (my preference)
3. block access to pages without code

I'm using nginx.

How can achive the above? What implications we may have?
I would prefer to achieve solution 2. but if I do it with nginx redirects then if I hit /admin this will direct to /el/admin and this will create an infinite loop.
How all the people with multilingual sites solve this major issue? Am I missing something? I haven't found adequate solutions in internet

Here is also a similar question but they closed the subject without solution!

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